Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What should I try if I get FTP publishing errors?

Most of the errors you might encounter when publishing by FTP come directly from your FTP server, so we can't anticipate exactly what you might see. We've listed some of the common error types, however, along with possibilities for resolving the problems.Unknown HostThis error means that Blogger was not able to locate your FTP server with the address you specified in your setting.
Check to make sure you didn't include the ftp:// at the beginning of the server name (it just needs the address, not the protocol), and check with your hosting provider to make sure you are using the correct information.Login Incorrect, User Cannot Login, etc.These errors (or other variations on them) mean that your FTP login information is incorrect. You can fix this by correcting your username and password in your settings. If you are unsure of the correct information to use, please contact your hosting provider.Connection RefusedThis error usually appears when a server rejects connection requests from Blogger. Double check all of your publishing settings to verify they are correct, and make sure you can connect to your server through a separate FTP program. If your publishing information checks out, then your server may be denying our FTP connection requests.
If this is the case, please contact your hosting provider for further assistance in getting this matter resolved.If you server is blocking connections by IP addresses, you should be able to give your hosting provider Blogger's IP address to grant it access. You can find this information in this article.Connection TimeoutThe first thing to try in this case is connecting to your server through a different FTP client. If the same error happens there, then you'll need to contact your hosting provider to get it resolved.
Note that Blogger published via passive FTP or SFTP, depending on your settings. Active FTP is not supported, so you'll need to doubled check that your server isn't requiring it.Permission Denied, or File Not FoundThese sorts of errors are usually due to problems with your path setting. If your path is incorrect, Blogger may be unable to find the correct location to publish your files, or it may not be allowed to published them to that location. If you're unsure of how to determine your path setting, please see this article.
Note that there are actually separate path settings for your main page, your archives, and your site feed, so all of these will need to be correct. You can find them under the Publishing, Archiving and Site Feed tabs of the Settings, respectively. If the error message mentions files with dates in the names, that refers to the archives. Atom.xml is the default name for the site feed file. That can be a hint as to which path setting is causing problems.Socket Not EstablishedThis error most commonly occurs when Blogger is set to publish via SFTP to a server that does not support that.

Try changing your publishing settings to regular FTP and see if that fixes it. If not, contact your hosting provider to find out more about the error.Account Over Quota, or Quota Limit ExceededThis means that you have filled your allotted space on your FTP server, and will not be able to add anything new unless you make more space. Check with your hosting provider and they can help you remove extra files or increase your quota as necessary.Broken PipeThis error occurs when the connection with your server is lost. Sometimes this will happen when you have gone over the disk quota for your FTP account (see above). It can also be a symptom of general connection problems. If it only occurs sporadically, then you can probably just wait a little bit and try again.
If it persists, though, you might want to check with your hosting provider to see if there is a problem that prevents them from maintaining the connection to Blogger.Still need help?If none of these suggestions work for you, let us know and we'll see what we can do. To help us help you, be sure to mention what error message you're seeing, and whether you are able to connect to your server through a program other than Blogger. You may also want to contact your hosting provider at the same time, since the source of the problem could be at either end of the connection.